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* Belcot is a revolutionary fabric made from 100% cotton which is natural, safe, hypoallergenic and environmental friendly to use.
* Belcot combines the superior characteristics of both natural cotton and material made using spunlace nonwovens technology.
* Belcot is produced meeting all international pharmacopoeia standards along-with WSP, EDANA, BPC and ISO 9001:2000 standards.
* Belcot has many advantages over woven cotton and synthetic nonwoven fabrics.

GSM Range : From 30-70 gm/m2
Fabric Width : From 5cm to 200cm
Constructions : Plain, Aperture, Structured
Packing : On Rolls Shrinked Wrapped On Pallets
Colour : Bleached White Fabric
Core Diameter : 76mm or 3
Container Loads : About 3000 Kg in 20ft FCL, 7500 Kg in 40ft FCL
Applications : Medical & Hygiene products, Bleached Cotton balls, Nonwovens, Ear Buds, Sterilization, Cotton Pads, Filling purposes.
Belcot Characteristics :  100% Biodegradable  Environmental Friendly  Excellent Absorbency  Low Lint  Superb Cotton Feel  High Wet Strength  Soft and Bulky  Air Permeability  Excels in natural whiteness  Greater liquid retention  No optical brightness
100% Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric “Belcot”